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Classrooms : The theoretical study of students in the college N.C.V.T. standards have been created to suit all classes. For administrative purposes the cell along with the principal's office was also constructed. The commoditised environment to provide education to school, sound, AND earthquake has created. School Surekit road, field and your garden is also special arrangements. School building is divided into two parts.
                                (1)Department of Education                 (2)Workshop

Education Department : The Institute will provide training for these two occupations.
                                    (1)Electrician                 (2)Fitter

Workshop : Fitter and electrician apprentices to the trade is fully equipped workshop. This training is required to put all the machinery and tools. The number of these machines conform to the standards set by N.C.V.T.

Libraries and Reading Room : The library is also available for the convenience of students so that needy students can get books and other study material.

Power system : Institutions operating in the workshop and has been teaching for 15 kW Vidayut connection and separate transformer has been arranged so as to provide seamless Vidayut.

Generator : Not bound to a power system therefore the generator is available.

Hostels : Students admitted come from remote districts to accommodate large hostel with all the facilities has also provided.

Computer and Internet : Institute fully Wi - Fi technology equipped.

Other Facilities : From time to time, students will be guided along their best advice for the future. Students personal problems will also be addressed.